The slide from the mountain top to the floor on the ski track creates a unique sense of satisfaction. It is the best way to conquer the mountains.

Whether it is the Alps or Rockies, the slide will create a special connection to nature that will get you heading to the same mountain every skiing season. To achieve this success, you need to have the right gear.

Because the temperatures in the top mountains often fall to -27°F and the speedy slide can cause unanticipated falls, you need the right gear. Here is the ski gear that you must have before venturing into the tracks.

A fitting helmet

The ski helmet is specially designed to protect the head in case of falls. While the tracks are understood and easy to conquer any obstacle can cause a fall because you are rushing at top speed.

For example, change of weather can accumulate more snow on one section of the track or an avalanche can block the entire track. A helmet will ensure your head is not harmed in case of a fall.

Make sure to select a fitting helmet with the lining of fleece to keep the head warm.

Skiing boots

Your ski track is full of snow while some sections can get really slippery. Selecting the correct ski boots allows you to get the right grip on the ski board. More importantly, the boots help to protect your feet from being hurt in case of a fall, abrupt landing, or stepping on a sharp object.

The best boots should have waterproof material, rubber soles, and extend well above the ankle. Remember to get a perfect fit to for extra comfort when sliding from the top to the mountain floor.

Ski thermals and jackets

The freezing temperatures up in the mountain and entire tracks can cause a lot of discomfort. You need to stay as warm as possible. The ski thermals are made from fleece that helps to trap body heat and keep you warm when skiing.

In addition to the thermals, a ski jacket will help to prevent water getting into the body.

The jackets are fitting and match well with the helmet on the neck and gloves on the hands so that no water or snow can get inside.

Appropriate gloves

In the same way that you have protected the head and foot, you need to keep the hands and fingers free from ice.

Ski gloves come in handy to help keep the fingers warm and avoid becoming numb as you run on the cold track.

Make sure to select the gloves that fit well without preventing the fingers from proper movement.


The ski is the most important equipment that you must have to slide on the snow from the top to the bottom.

While you can buy a personal ski, those who do not intend to own can hire and return them after a successful skiing session.

As you acquire a ski, it is also important to buy a ski pole for balance and support when rushing through the track at top speed.